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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Newest Extreme Sports

(submitted by The Crazy Zonie (

10. Agressive sewing (Sky Call)
9. Extreme Couch Potato: for those without remotes (the insignificant one)
8. Hippo Laxative Chugging (srp)
7. Extreme Underwater Bagpipe Band (BullFrog)
6. Nude-Paintball-Skydiving (scott gooch "the pimpin jugallo")
5. Full-Contact Prostrastinating (Poppa don' take no pc-jive!)
4. Speed Clicking - tests who can deliver the most mouse clicks in an hour (Ackhack)
3. Biker Baiting (Ol' toothless)
2. Freestyle Uneven Parallel Banked-oval Clay-court Synchronized Team Outhouse-Tipping Relays (Talkaboutyerwildeworldasperts)
1. Shark Flossing (Ralthom)

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