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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Vacuums Have Headlights

(submitted by Bullwinkle)

10. The question should be, where are the turn signals? (Boom Oy!)
9. So you can see that valuable, tiny ear ring right before the sweeper moves over it (Impulse Shopper, Earl 'n Edna)
8. So it can scare deaf cats, too (Warlok)
7. So you can keep vaccuuming even after a power failure (SouthPaw)
6. So it's all the easier to spot the Fisher Price people when you're playing "Tornadoes and Other Natural Disasters" with a younger sibling (Herther)
5. So you can vacuum the bedroom at night and not disturb your spouse by turning on the light (Mr. Considerate)
4. Never know when you're going to have to take your Hoover out in heavy fog (7-Iron & Bob)
3. Reduces yearly American nighttime vacuum deaths to a mere 700,000 (Herbert, J. Edgar)
2. For your information they are called Hoovery Glands, and it's how God intended baby vacuums to be fed. (Impulse Shopper)
1. Doesn't anybody else vacuum at night with the lights out...naked? (Mitch the Englishman, Ackhack)

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