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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

New York City's Top Ten Tourist Attractions

10. The Museum of Things Found Floating in the East River (stoverny)
9. Memorial of the unknown ethnic cab driver. (Buckwheat)
8. New Jersey (ee-Tease)
7. The Central Park Midnight Safari, complete with armed guides and free mace sprays. (Mitch the Englishman)
6. The Worlds Largest Underground Art Musuem, oh wait, that's the subway... (johnnycp)
5. Adventure Tours Discount Program.....Special Price on Bronx "after-hour" tours 1:00 to 6:00 am. Includes one way ticket.... (JDAii)
4. "The History of the Sewer Rat" walk-through tour (Dustin)
3. The Hall of Tourists -- see dozens of tourists from around the globe! (Faux Pas)
2. Rat Hunting in the Bronx (K)
1. The Leaning Tower of Trash (RCCola)

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