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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Microsoft Products

10. Microsoft Dictator (the insignificant one)
9. MS Bum Simulator: Find best money borrowing phrases then purchase least food and most booze possible for survival (Jerph)
8. Microsoft Uber-Turbo Mouse: Allows you to completely do away with the keyboard with only a simple 32 mouse-click combination. (Boom Oy! (What kind of wine goes with Soylent Green?))
7. Hot Wheels Microsoft Machines: A new line of die-cast metal "action" cars. (Warning: windows may not open, cars crash frequently, and drivers not included.) (mjolnir)
6. A new preschool game: Jr. Crush-All-Small-Businesses Set, complete with pirate costumes! Arrrr! (Herther)
5. Microsoft Hair Parlour: A new toy for your kids. They can cut their hair to look like the world's richest man (me, not you)
4. I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Linux (Laffman)
3. Software UnUnInstaller: Answers the question: Who uninstalls the uninstaller? (Bill the Pill)
2. Age of Empires V: The Age of Bill (Impulse Shopper)
1. Microsoft Word, now with a hot original soundtrack by 'N Sync (Backstreet Bob)

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