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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Things You Could Find In The Back of a Taxi

(submitted by Skank and Topher)

10. Yourself (Me, Myself, and Eagle 1, grubb, jerzy, El Barton, Dawn, Bloodbond, Duh!!, Leaper)
9. a set of cut open handcuffs and a dirty prison uniform (carli*M*)
8. Huge NYC sewer rat saying, "JFK Airport... and step on it." (stoverny)
7. A cooler with "Liver and Pepsi" written on top with magic marker (CGumbo)
6. The drivers other severed finger (Amanda Huggenkiss)
5. 2 inches of gasoline...and rising (TheRob)
4. The driver's glass eyes (todd blankenship)
3. "Excuse me, Mrs. Bobbit... did you drop this?" (, Boom Oy!)
2. True love (Bob Clemmons)
1. The driver (Stickboy, El Barton, Sanderz, DK, Boom Oy!, Bob Clemmons, chris_m, Lindsey, mrs smith, Gator (the Fightin' Geoduck!), MEGA, Subash, Acdntlpoet, Noca Pish, lANNy, yadi yada, Tull-Tull, Jerph)

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