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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted To Video Games

(submitted by Drebb)

10. Your wife tells you that you are, and your three children; Mario, Sonic and Pacman; agree with her. (Thomas Palsson)
9. Your still holding on to those Pac Man bedsheets. (Firetech)
8. You get a call at work, informing you your house burnt down, and your first question is: "My God! Was the Atari damaged?!?" (Daddy don' take no mess!)
7. The pants below your underwear is not a fashion statement; it's because of all the change in your pocket. (El Barton)
6. You've worn out three doorbells at your friends' houses. (srp)
5. You've spent over two hours fishing a quarter out of a sewer. (The Mighty Croughn)
4. You've decided you won't go outside anymore due to the 'tacky graphics, poor sound and low playability.' (Thomas Palsson)
3. You keep a bucket in your room for those times when you really have to go but you just can't leave your playstaion unplayed for even that brief amount of time. (Ash)
2. You can no longer tie your own shoes or perform other simple tasks as your hands remain gnarled in the position of holding the game controls. (abber)
1. You ask your doctor how many lives you have left. (Quinky)

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