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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten 'Jar-Jar' Pick-up Lines

(submitted by Poppa don' take no balderdash!)

10. Messa horny, messa loveya long time. (Everybody in the whole world (Faux Pas))
9. Maybe Jar-Jar not so sorry he bumped into you... (The Griffon Master-Griffon Master)
8. You save my life, me yours forever. (BORG)
7. Yousa follow me now, okiday? (I forget)
6. No need for lines - just snag a beer-nut from a bowl 10 feet across the bar with his tongue. (vector boy)
5. Yousa wanna see some bigtime tongue action? (Bob Clemmons)
4. Meesa face not de only ting dat look lika gallup horse. (Boom Oy!)
3. Meesa horny, okeeday? (Warlok)
2. Yousa wanna see big bomb-bad inna meesa pocket? (Boom Oy!)
1. Yousa knowin' what dey spek 'bout Gungan wiff big ears? (Boom Oy!)

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