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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Hired The Wrong Accountant

(submitted by King Cobra)

10. The number for the local racetrack on his speed dial. (Big McLargehuge)
9. You now have $1,000,000 in stocks invested in "Joey's online burgers". (RAWA aka lonelyto25)
8. He pulls up to your house in an ice cream truck, explains that it's "something to fall back on in case this gig doesn't work out." (Overkill)
7. You see him a week later on the "Crooked Accountants Who Rob Their Clients Blind" Jerry Springer episode. (Overkill)
6. The only things he carries in his briefcase are a fifth of burbon and a Game Boy. (g-nicest)
5. His tax filing tips include rounding everything to the nearest thousand. (Fluff)
4. You spot a copy of "Accounting For Dummies" in his briefcase. (Overkill)
3. He keeps sending you confirmation letters with the letter head of "Royal Hotel of Jamacia". (Gator (the fightin' Geoduck!))
2. Every time you mention the IRS, he curls up in a ball and makes little mewling noises. (Waldo)
1. He only gives you 9 top ten reasons for hiring him. (Count Cannacount)

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