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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the Humidity is Too High

10. Your dehumidifier has begun taking steroids just to keep up. (BloodBond)
9. By the the end of the day your clothes outweigh you. (lefty)
8. Windows issues the following error message: heavy mist & occasional rain expected later on drive c: (Vader)
7. You have to be removed from your naugahyde recliner with a spatula. (Dee- Tease)
6. It's 40 degress outside and your still too hot. (Warlok)
5. When your shirt is dry, it can be used as a salt shaker. (MAR)
4. Impossible to talk without simultaneously gargling (Jude)
3. Your license plate says "Tennessee" (Norm Shelton)
2. When you take a deep breath...You Drown. (Various Artists (JDK))
1. The #1 cause of death is being beaten to death for having uttered: "It's not the heat, it's the humidity!" (Thomas Palsson)

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