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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Threatening Supervillains

(submitted by Jen)

10. The Phantom Shoulder Tapper (G-nicest)
9. Dr Myopia: The evil optometrist who replaces people's glasses with others that have the wrong strength or are out of style (Thomas Palsson)
8. Bad Speller Man (Overkill)
7. Dr. Snuggles and His Really Scary Fluffy Bunnies of Love (mrs smith)
6. Convenience-Store-Clerk Man: Master of price-guns (Waldo)
5. The Limp Handshake Menace (Maniac Bob)
4. Mort: The gangly super-englishman (kate)
3. Impolite Man: When upset, he may forget his manners. (Mr. Rude)
2. AOL Man: He is slow and frequetly stops for no reason at all. (Dark Lord)
1. Captain Canada: He politely talks criminals out of crimes by offering them maple syrup and beaver tails. (me, not you (eh?))

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