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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprises in the Women's World Cup

10. The words "USA" and "soccer team" CAN actually be used in the same sentence without the rest of the world laughing themselves into convulsions. (Thomas Palsson)
9. Austin Powers jumps in screaming "She's a man, baby!" (Horace)
8. The ball gets a lot of extra bounce when hit with the chest. (mwittig)
7. For some reason, the athletes are decidedly NOT interested in corporate sponsorship and unlimited supply, of jock-strap supporters... (Poppa don' take no cornball jive!)
6. When blocking "free kicks" only the refs are covering their groins ! (G-nicest)
5. The Brazilian women's players look a lot like the Brazailian men's players wearing wigs. (IOIO)
4. Due to airport mix-ups, all visiting teams luggage and uniforms are lost in transit. Havoc ensues as team USA opts to play as shirts and all other teams are must play as skins! (g-nicest)
3. The post-game locker room interviews attracts more viewers than the match. (gaz)
2. New record: 10 games... no nails broken. (DA maNA)
1. Chewing tobacco, athletic cup, and cocaine manufacturers say popularity of women's sports is "flash in the pan". (Impulse Shopper)

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