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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Under Too Much Stress

(submitted by BloodBond)

10. You've got so much bile in your mouth that when you spit, you dissolve concrete. (Leaper)
9. You just snapped your mouse in two with one hand. (Leaper)
8. You take your pulse by watching the vein in your temple. (Warlok)
7. You are taken hostage by a crazyed Iranian terrorist... and enjoy the experience because for once you can sit back and relax in quiet while someone else takes care of the details of your life for you. (DracoDei)
6. You've replaced all of the marshmallows in your Lucky Charms with Tums. (IOIO)
5. The waiter asks you if you want a soup or salad, and you stab him with your fork. (DK)
4. You eat neat instant coffee to reduce your blood pressure. (Mitch the Englishman)
3. You scoff at how easy Rambo and Indiana Jones have it in their jobs. (Boardway Joe)
2. You make entire meals out of Pepto-Bismol. (Fewgilist)
1. You have switched from Rogaine to Superglue. (Hal A. Louaya)

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