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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Skiing Might Not Be for You

10. You looked at a picture of the mountain, fell and broke an arm and a leg. (DaBMaN)
9. Three broken ribs, a busted leg, two black eyes and a sprained wrist, and this only while you adjusted your bindings (Thomas Palsson)
8. The ski patrol station has a reserved sign with your name on it above one of the beds. (kayo)
7. You were so frightened just getting on the ski lift, you wet yourself and thus were froze on to the ski lift chair. (abber)
6. Two skis, two nostrils... Perfect fit (The Griffon Master (Forget 911, I dial 357))
5. You can tell hardwood trees from soft by the tone of the thump on impact. (ZMAN)
4. You wear a sweater everyday at your home in Key West, Florida (B@V)
3. You're disappointed that you can't order a drink at the T-Bar. (The Sponz)
2. You're certain the idea is to keep the skis criss-crossed, as a religious token to keep you safe as you plummet down the mountainside. (Daddy don' take no mess!)
1. You keep getting nailed by those darn people skiing downhill. (Smilee)

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