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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Frittering Away Your Summer

(submitted by Poppa don' take no semi-buddhist heresies)

10. You begin to consider Jerry, Sally-Jesse, and Riki as part of your family (Ash)
9. You dedicate the majority of your time to making paper chains so you can keep track of the days until school starts. (Mel)
8. Your personal summer reading list includes Spiderman comics and three new cereal boxes and you're dreading having to start THAT. (Warlok)
7. You've been hitting re-dial for weeks now; isn't Psychic Hotline ever going to answer? (Impulse Shopper)
6. You've actually spent hours trying to discover the meaning of the word "frittering." (tah, Kenny's dead, D.E.D., dead, G-nicest, JMC)
5. You feel greatly accomplished when you wake up before noon and manage the struggle of getting outside to work on your tan before the sun goes down. (Mikki found Zen)
4. You spend your weekdays unwilling to go outside in fear that you may miss a Power Rangers episode. (yvonne the Power-Rangers freak)
3. Your major social event for the past month was the pot luck at your grandparent's house (Mel)
2. You know who all the 2000 presidential campaigners are. (Rorschak)
1. You follow your pets around to see what they do during the day. (morris)

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