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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Drive Across the US

10. To prove that those obscure midwest states do, in fact, exist afterall (Poppa don' take no wack M-C's!)
9. Personally check on all the road construction sites this summer (Maniac Bob)
8. You've just been to see "The World's Largest Corn Dog" in Hicksville, Georgia and feel that your vacation won't be complete unless you also get to see "The World's Largest Bottle o' Katsup" in Yokel, Oregon. (Thomas Palsson)
7. Your New York cabbie doesn't understand English. (Mitch the Englishman)
6. You're just trying to get away from that damn KIA guy that keeps following you. (me, not you)
5. Hoping for that off chance that Christie Brinkley will pull up next to you in a Ferarri and flirt shamelessly (Boom Oy!)
4. You're a man, looking for a shortcut home, and you refuse to stop and ask for directions. (The Sponz)
3. If everybody drives to the west coast at the same time, the east coast will lift 10 feet up into the air. (srp)
2. To finally satisify that urge to pee in both oceans (force recline commando)
1. To see if the Pacific tastes the same as the Atlantic (Stickboy)

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