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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways Congress is Planning to Cut Taxes

(submitted by Sanderz)

10. Recycling old stealth bombers into homeless shelters (Mr. Pib)
9. Taxing the Clintons' Bed and Breakfast in the Lincoln Bedroom (rj)
8. All breast examinations will be conducted by senators. (Steve Weiss)
7. New communities will not require a fire department, because from now on, buildings will be made entirely of ice. (DK)
6. Use the flying sausers from Area 51 to deliver the mail (Fox Mulder)
5. Along with your 1040 is a scratcher that either reveals "double" or "nothing." (bobbo the taxman)
4. Make all Congressmen during session live in dormitory housing donated by Georgetown. (Warlok)
3. Charge Canada rent. (oops)
2. Do away with frivolous lawsuits once and for all, with mandated "alligator death-trap" for all claimants that lose in court. (Poppa don' take no vegemite sann'ich!)
1. Complete elimination of the 1825 tax on medicinal snake oil (Ackhack)

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