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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Mr. Rogers's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. That personal line of designer cardigans just hasn't panned out like he'd hoped. (lefty)
9. Teletubbie drive-by shootings (Thomas Palsson)
8. Prince Tuesday trying to peek up Henrietta Pussycat's dress (Impulse Shopper)
7. No Bathroom in his ever-so-lovely TV house (Tired of holding it.)
6. "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighorhood" never went platinum. (Mr. Bozo, Warlok)
5. Neighborhood punks keep egging King Friday XIII's Castle. (Snuk)
4. "Must stop that big purple dinosaur . . . must stop him at any cost." (Mikki found Zen)
3. When Mr. McFeeley becomes "disgruntled." (elcapitan)
2. Picture Picture shows nothing but smut now that it got an internet connection. (IcerLeaf)
1. The way his mom still makes him wear those damn ugly cartigans to "keep him warm juring those long shoots with the puppets." (Nikki)

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