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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known State Fair Attractions

(submitted by Blue Boy of Pigler)

10. The Giant Tower of Aluminum Siding (Maniac Bob)
9. Greased Street Urchin Catching (Warlok)
8. Corndog Breading Museum (Poppa don' take no hipper-than-thou Indie s)
7. The riding lawnmower demolition derby (IOIO)
6. Farmer Dan's "Kill Your Own Pig, Make Your Own Sausage" tent (al)
5. World's tallest midget (townkrier)
4. Black market midget tossing behind the midway (Beatnik)
3. The Chamber of Horrible Things Found in the Deep Fat Fryer (Brennan the Desert Rat)
2. Rabbit Dung Bake-Off (Maniac Bob)
1. The World's Biggest Golf Pencil (Tang Boy)

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