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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Zodiac Signs

(submitted by Batman)

10. The Ducky: the sign of bathroom cleanliness (Jojo)
9. Squeakious: the timid mouse (skank)
8. Bluto: the blowfish (Earl and Edna)
7. The "Nike Swoosh" (G-nicest)
6. The sign formerly known as Prince (DracoDei, G-nicest)
5. Herpes: the lobster (Randi Radio)
4. Trois-meni: the Twins and their shared lover (Warlok)
3. Crashius: for those unfortunate folks born when Taurus, Aries, and Saturn converge. (lefty)
2. Flabbus: the sign of Corpulence; Rules the midsection; Ruled by planet Rotundo (My belly button is getting deeper)
1. Alfonso, the caterer: sign of good taste (Maniac Bob)

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