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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Ways To End A Date

(submitted by DK)

10. Agreeing to appear on People's Court or the Newlywed Game, whichever comes first. (Maniac Bob)
9. When dropping her home, ask if you may come in for a glass of water ... to take your Viagra. (G-nicest)
8. Meow...screech...splat. "Is that your cat?" (Kerspat)
7. "My best friend is dying to go out with you." (tmd)
6. Tell your date that it's really past jello time and you should get back to the institution. Follow by biting them erratically. (Mr. Muffin)
5. "I've gotta go, my wife will be worried sick." (Mr. BigStuff, Ash)
4. Vulcan mind meld (Yonny Qvesht)
3. "Alright, well, if you'll just sign here..." (The Almighty Loki)
2. Have your mother tuck you and your date in. (Steve Weiss)
1. "So... Mindy..., I mean Mandy, I meant to say Mandy, I know your name's Mandy." (PMM)

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