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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your New Car is a Lemon

(submitted by Michael (Denton County Auto Salvage))

10. When you take it in to replace your floor mat the salesman tells you you'd be better off just buying a new car. (Joe-mo)
9. Dealer has you make the check out to "Cash". (Snuk)
8. To check the gas, you must use a dipstick. (Faux Pas)
7. When they say bucket seats, they mean bucket seats. (the insignificant one)
6. You're not certain what language the owner's manual is in, but you're certain the alphabet is Cyrillic. (Faux Pas)
5. Your "Jack-in-the-Box" antenna ornament is a cheap imitation. (reburn)
4. You push in the cigarette lighter and the headlights dim... (irishboi)
3. It comes with a "Three Day/Thirty Mile" warrenty. (Lee)
2. 89 miles and titled 16 times (Norm Shelton)
1. The only thing falling apart faster than your car is the country that made it. (Waldo)

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