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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Top Ten Lists You'll Never See David Letterman Read

(submitted by Bloodbond)

10. Top Ten Reasons I Watch the Tonight Show (Rotten Luck Willie)
9. Top Ten Reasons Paul is Not Funny (Sanderz)
8. Top Ten Reasons I Haven't Retired Yet (Soupy.)
7. Top Ten Humble Things About Me (Bob Clemmons)
6. Top Ten Reasons I Should Sue Christian and Scott for Copyright Infringement (CmaEaaILW/E)
5. Top Ten Reasons More Americans Watch Nightline Than This Show (Stickboy)
4. Top Ten Big-Chinned American-Italians (imwayoutoflinehere)
3. Top Ten Damn Good Orthodontists in the Tri-state Area (Mo)
2. Top Ten 'Top Ten' Lists You'll Never See Christian and Scott Post (StarSaros)
1. Top Ten Reasons Not to Invite Drew Barrymore Back on the Show. (Chimerasame)

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