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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your College Isn't as Prestigious as They Said It Was

(submitted by Jack N Chicken)

10. "Bright, open-air campus" really meant a series of tents and huts set up for class lectures. (Shannara)
9. Map of the campus has written on the top- "As seen on COPS." (Hosh)
8. The first thing your roommate says to you is "A year ago I couldn't even spell graduation--now I are one." (Clingerpratt)
7. Your school is affiliated with the slightly less well known "Chicken League" instead of the Ivy League. (inthedark)
6. They said: We helped invent the internet! You find: 300-baud modems. (Ackhack)
5. You envy the prestige of the colleges described on this top ten list. (Chimerasame)
4. Currently forming the Big Two football conference. (rorschak)
3. That whole "Road Scholar" thing in the brochure wasn't a typo. (marimba mama)
2. "Oh, you thought this was Harvard University!! That one is in Massachusetts." (inthedark)
1. The football team is ashamed of the curriculum. (IOIO)

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