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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things I Learned at the Movies

(submitted by Ilsa Sanburg)

10. Babies and animals are much more clever than we think they are. (inthedark)
9. Asteriods and other potentially inconvient ceslestial objects only appear after it's too late to make a good plan, but early enough so that the stupid plan can work. (Sven the Astronomer)
8. Popcorn off the floor is cheaper and just as tasty as that sold in the lobby. (DEe-Tease)
7. If you decide to start dancing in the streets, everyone you meet will know all the steps. (Ilsa)
6. Interesting things happen to very beautiful people. (MAR)
5. Don't prop your feet on the bodybuilder. (Owich!)
4. You'll never get anywhere in life without partial nudity. (inthedark)
3. Never wear leiderhosen on Coke-spilled theatre seats. (bob Clemmons)
2. Killing people doesn't have nearly as many consiquences as the police make out. (ozzie)
1. Instead of mining gold you should grow popcorn. (Norm Shelton)

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