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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Excuses To Skip Class

(submitted by ShelahEH)

10. Daddy said I could take the week off to see the spring fashion shows in Paris. (in the dark)
9. I couldn't get the handcuffs to come loose (inthedark)
8. Not finished studying anatomy in the dorms. (Nookie)
7. Had a date with the professor's wife. (DCE/W/B/E/F/M-CM)
6. After ritually offering myself to the goddess of physics, I couldn't risk angering her by participating in your hedonistic discussion of poetry. (inthedark)
5. A fleeting case of violent death.
4. I understand everything and don't want to get confused. (Manaic Bob)
3. My bicycle was out of gas. (Justin Arthur)
2. Sorry, professor, my dog ate may car and I can't make it to class. My homework is safe, though.... (JDaii)
1. When I woke up, the gnomes had rearranged campus and I couldn't find the building in time for class. (inthedark)

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