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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the Apocalypse is Approaching

(submitted by yadi yada)

10. McDonald's sign reads "Over 666 billion sold." (Smo)
9. Two words... Jesse "The Governor of Minnesota" Ventura. (Gator!)
8. Movies no longer are preceded by previews of coming attractions. (Brad Nauseum)
7. Mr. Rogers starts wearing a hooded black cape and carrying a big ol' scythe. (thx1138)
6. Your dearly departed grandmother has come over for tea a few too many times in the last few weeks. (inthedark)
5. Driving through brimstone makes driving through snow seem easy. (kandyflipped)
4. Next on Jerry Springer: "My wife had slept with all four horsemen, and I want a divorce!" (Aidian the Canadian)
3. Uncle Gordon's trick knee is acting up something awful. (inthedark)
2. CNN has an "Approaching Apocalypse" logo and theme music. (Warlok)
1. God's polling numbers are low so he's making "selected public appearances" in hopes of revitalizing his image. (inthedark)

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