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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons C&S ITTL Was Late on Thursday

(submitted by Nikki)

10. It was a little experiment by Christian & Scott to see if the world would really stop in its tracks. (It didn't) (Thomas Palsson)
9. So few submissions, so C & S had to rent a room with 1,000 monkeys and 1,000 typewriters to fill out the list. (Monkey Man)
8. Time spent the night before researching the Top Ten Distilled Spirits Combinations to Avoid (Broster Flooks N Troncotal Troll)
7. New shipment of Pokemon cards at local comic shop (Uncle Yoohoo)
6. 1998 calendar seemed to indicate that September 23rd was a Wednesday. (JMC)
5. Their Moms called and complained on all the "disrespectful, corny, and just-not-right" humor they promote on the web site. (Nikki)
4. They were celebrating becasue for the first time, yes, Christian and Scott actually did find WALDO. (Nikki)
3. Set the system clock of their TRS-80 to 12/31/99 11:59pm "just to see what would happen"; it took a day to fix. (Faux Pas)
2. It was the bi-annual MIT mating season for about 20 minutes. (rorschak)
1. C&S were assisting the police in the investigation of a crime. They couldn't make bail till Friday. (Maniac Bob)

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