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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbors Don't Like You

(submitted by Arbie)

10. When the cat comes back in the house, it has "GET OUT" shaved into its fur. (srp)
9. Your lawn gnomes are riddled with bullet holes. (El Barton)
8. Their Christmas lights spell out "I live next to stupid" with an arrow pointing towards your house. (housefly)
7. You're surprised by them on the Jerry Springer episode "I want to kill my neighbours". (Hi Coo.)
6. The two giant middle finger topiaries pointed towards your house. (srp)
5. You ask "Can I borrow a cup of sugar?" and they reply "Shouldn't you be in hell right now?" (Ploop ploop)
4. They tell all the neighborhood kids it's okay to use your basketball hoop at 5 a.m. (rorschak)
3. Your neighbors roast marshmallows on the burning crosses in your yard. (changa)
2. Only the fence sections along your property line have razor wire on them. (Impulse Shopper)
1. How many times can someone "accidentally" run over your cat? (Smilee :))

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