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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprise Witnesses in the Impeachment Hearings

(submitted by The A Man)

10. Dr. Ruth (The Griffon Master, Ackhack)
9. Comedy Network executives (Ration Al)
8. Deep Throat (The Griffon Master, johnnycp)
7. Wilt Chamberlain, with an expert opinion (Warlok)
6. O.J. will prove that the dress did not fit Monica (hoops2much)
5. Michael Knight, a lone crusader on a fight to champion the helpless, the powerless, against a new breed of outlaws who operate above the law. (Eagle 2)
4. Fidel Castro as an expert witness on cigar etiquette (Thomas Palsson)
3. Several expert fishermen to help define exactly what is a "lie" (al)
2. Special agents Mulder and Scully of the FBI (Hungry Hippo)
1. Hillary's mother ("I TOLD YOU he was a no-good, two-timing so'n'so...") (Daddy don' take no mess!)

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