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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Jobs for Mike and the 'Bots After Mystery Science Theater 3000

(submitted by Jedi Guinastasia)

10. Air traffic controllers (inthedark)
9. Represent the robot point of view on Crossfire (Robot Rob)
8. Late night infomercials selling old, cheesy sci-fi movies (the insignificant one)
7. Stunt doubles for various members of Futurama cast. (rorschak)
6. Make fun of previous episodes of MST3K (Chimerasame)
5. Backup dancers for Backstreet Boys (Steffi)
4. Anything but hosting Saturday Night Live ((who cares who i am?))
3. My boss: They've got the whole "sittin' around not being productive except for tearing down someone else's work" thing down pat. (rorschak)
2. I understand there's an opening next to Roger Ebert. Probably take all three to balance the screen shots. (Impulse Shopper, Geoduck, Robert Knight, Gator!, k.a, Aidian the Canadian, Che, marimba mama)
1. The new announcers for CSPAN's live congressional coverage (inthedark, Uncle Yoohoo)

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