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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Sign You Are Just Not Fit To Be A Rock Star

(submitted by Nikki)

10. Your entourage consists of Grandma Esther, her two cats and your teddy bear Snuggy-Wuggy. (Thomas Palsson)
9. Your skin tight leopard print spandex pants bulge in the wrong places now. (Draven Corvus)
8. You keep getting your pocket protector chain tangled up with the microphone cord. (Mel)
7. You are generally in bed by 10pm (El Barton)
6. You have to stop and use your inhaler during the drum solo. (marimba mama)
5. You only know a single chord on your air guitar. (Che)
4. You feel your accordian skills will be underappreciated. (k.a)
3. When asked if you've ever taken any drugs, you respond, "Well, I used Rogaine once." (Mel)
2. Still not over those recurring bouts of disco fever. (Moosylvania Moe)
1. Your amplifiers only go to "5." (G-nicest)

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