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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Trees' Leaves Change Colors

10. How better to get the attention of that cute tree next door? (inthedark)
9. They have the good taste not to wear green after labor day. (jayne123, fashionablysensible, Tristan "The Griffon Master", Clingerpratt, Mecha King Gojira)
8. Lost a pokeman card game and was made to do it (spot)
7. Mother Nature's way of really freaking the birds out (Mandy)
6. It was the lastest trend in '76 (along with mood rings) and with the leaves, not being too up to date in fashion, the fad stuck with 'em. (Nikki)
5. As Kermit says, "Its not easy being green." (didgeridoo, El Barton)
4. Squirrel urine (PMM)
3. Trees are female, and have you ever seen a female with just ONE set of clothing? (Zhilbar)
2. Those "Everybody in Reddish Orange" Gap ads (Uncle Yoohoo)
1. Acutely aware that they will soon be standing out in public naked, this is merely a tree's way of blushing. (Ackhack)

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