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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Addicted to Baseball

10. You were bitterly disappointed when you found out what the movie "Batman" was really about. (Charlie Brown)
9. You traded your queen sized futon for a twin bed so you could buy the Cool MLB sheets from Target. (Gator!(GO METS!))
8. You didn't even get up to go to the bathroom through all fifteen innings of the 5th Mets/Braves playoff game. (inthedark)
7. You think Joe Torre is hotter than Brad Pitt. (rorschak)
6. You actually know who ends up being the "player to be named later." (kyl)
5. You keep several spare remote controls for the TV in stock to replace the ones you stomp when they make a stupid error. (yomama)
4. You hang a big, block 'K' outside your dorm window whenever your roommate strikes out on a date. (Cy Young)
3. In order to get you off the couch and forsake "Sports Center" and get to bed, your wife had to learn the hand/face signals for "Steal to home." (Poppa don' take no toe-ringed party girls!)
2. You've restricted your diet to sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco, and "gatoraide" in hopes of attaining that impressive baseball physique. (G-nicest)
1. You vacuum your carpet in a criss-cross pattern to resemble Wrigley field. (DJ)

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