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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Telemarketers' Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. People who eat dinner during telemarketing time (thx1138, lavidalocal)
9. "Hello" is not a legally binding agreement. (townkrier)
8. People staging deaths on the phone, trying to limit the call backs (spot)
7. Whistles (Warlok)
6. Those damn people who put Furbys on the phone when you call (Zhilbar)
5. Target audience eats dinner at 3:00 A.M. (Chimerasame)
4. People who desperately try to sound like fax machines when they find out what you are. (Thomas Palsson)
3. Getting through half the morning with no success and then realizing that you have been reading the text of a computer error message and not the script to your listeners. (Rott Weiler)
2. Accidently calling the crazy cat lady who's not spoken to a live person for over a decade. (Boom Oy!)
1. When you've just stuck a dumb lady big time, and then realize it's your wife (Ackhack)

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