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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Popular Halloween Costumes

(submitted by El Barton)

10. An error message from Microsoft (Jacob)
9. That guy from Star Wars: Episode 1 that got sucked into the Pod Racer's engine. (Cosmo the Iconoclast)
8. The atomic structure of cheese (Poco Loco)
7. The Linux Penguin (Warlok)
6. 16 year-old internet millionaire (acdntlpoet)
5. Mr. Smith's Booger Collection of Doom (inthedark)
4. Roadkill Rocky the Unlucky Raccoon (k.a)
3. Wrapping yourself in tin foil and calling yourself a leftover (That Chick)
2. Dryer Lint (srp)
1. The Balding Classic Rock DJ (TheRob)

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