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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Guy In Your Igloo Is Trying To Steal Your Fish

(submitted by Nikki )

10. You're beginning to suspect that his walrus costume is not really a costume. (rorschak)
9. His sunken eyes, floppy movements, and clammy skin are classic indications of a cod-crack freebaser. (DracoDei)
8. That old "Look! Your Snowshoe is Untied!" ploy. (Hace Gropper)
7. He keeps asking you to check and see if it's still snowing outside. (Warlok)
6. He is wearing a costume and talks to himself in third person, every so often mentioning the Fish Bandit. (BR Guy)
5. Maybe he died of frostbite and you didn't notice, but he's been staring at your fish for a week without blinking. (Crabby Geezer)
4. He leaves his Newton on the Polar Bear hide and you happen to notice that under his "things to do today" list is "steal Bob's fish" (Flapjack)
3. A mysterious yellow snow in your front yard reads "If you ever want to see your fish again leave 2 million dollars by the polar bear cave." (Heather the munky girl)
2. Although he keeps making sleazy advances on your wife, you know what he's really there for. (Poppa don' take no high-falutin hoity-toities!)
1. He keeps trying to convince you that the saying really is: "Give a man a fish, and you get rid of him for a lifetime." (Poppa don' take no high-falutin hoity-toities!)

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