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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Start Playing a Musical Instrument

(submitted by Boneman)

10. Being able to program your calculator to play defender just doesn't get the chicks like it use to. (jarhead likes his paroxetine)
9. Playing 2 recorders, one out of each nostril is sure to win over the girls... (Nikki)
8. If you learn to play the sax, you could become the president. (Sanderz)
7. People won't be suprised when you get addicted to drugs and alcohol. (Ploop)
6. "Saxaphone" was misspelled in the catalog. (Crazy Jon)
5. That smelly homeless hippie guy on the corner of Sixth and Twenty-first said that he can play Metallica's Master of Puppets on the flute better than you ever will. (Heather the munky girl)
4. Because girls now think that guys that cry are 'pathetic', and painting is only for 'wussies.' (Poppa don' take no noize pollution!)
3. It's justification for having the three roadies living in the back of your R.V. (G-nicest)
2. If you don't, they'll throw you out of the Chicago Philharmonic. (Chimerasame)
1. Mom said it was either an instrument or dance class ... and your a guy ... and you have to go to school Monday ... and you're not a good fighter. (Cisko Kid)

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