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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard This Week at Microsoft

10. "So, have we delayed the judge's ruling past Y2K yet?" (Waldo)
9. "In the dark looking for a new job? Think" (happy daze)
8. "Hello? Apple Computers? Yes, I'd like to speak to the personnel department." (The Radical Moderate)
7. "Thankfully they haven't discovered our genetic experiment with recovered alien bodies and dinosaur DNA." (TheRob)
6. "Yes, Rio, One Way, . . . no i'll be paying cash." (Hi Coo)
5. "We'll have to split up the company. One fourth will go to William Gates, another to Billy Gates, another to Will Gates, and the fourth to the microsoft word paperclip." (Chimerasame)
4. "Let's announce that Bill suffers from 'Post-Traumatic Pie-In-The-Face Syndrome' and go for the sympathy factor." (Impulse Shopper)
3. "Who wants to borrow my Linux CD?" (IcerLeaf)
2. "If they split up the company, then I want Freecell." (greta)
1. "I guess we'd better pull our sponsorship of 'Pinky and the Brain.'" (Maniac Bob)

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