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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're James Bond

(submitted by Hasaki)

10. You actually know how to play baccarrat (rorschak)
9. Emotional moments leave you shaken, not stirred. (dodo-doodoo)
8. You jump off a cliff to catch your flight (clambaby)
7. You emerge from the wood chipper relieved that you haven't wrinkled your suit. (lefty)
6. People who borrow your pen never return it- neither are they ever seen again (paws)
5. Things blow up when you set the time on your watch. (El Barton)
4. You find skiing boring unless you're shooting at someone. (Warlok)
3. Every guy you meet wants to kill you and every girl you meet wants to sleep with you then kill you. (acdflashbk)
2. You accidentally blew three fingers off your right hand signing for a package with one of "Q's" damn gadget pens ! (G-nicest)
1. You look through the Sharper Image catalog and giggle at how simple all the gadgets are. (Boom Oy!)

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