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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Fox Television Specials

(submitted by IcerLeaf)

10. S.W.A.T. Team Bloopers! (DK)
9. Tinky Winky vs. Barney--Battle of the Children's Network Superstars (G-nicest)
8. Caught on Tape: People Taping People Getting Caught on Tape! (srp)
7. When Animals Behave Tastefully (Rumpert Morlock)
6. Being Jon Davidson: A Retrospect of the Wild Life of "That's Incredible" Star Jon Davidson. (Gator! (That Amazing Animal).)
5. Kids Eat the Darndest Things!" (Gator Cosby!)
4. World's Deadliest Soccer Mom Fights (BR Guy)
3. World's Most Boring T.V. Commercials (G-nicest)
2. Too Hot For the Vatican IV (Snoop)
1. When Unemployed Former Child Sit-Com Stars Attack 3 (Jonny)

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