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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Failing Sitcom's Ratings

(submitted by Matt. A. Doerr)

10. Advertise that someone will die, changing the lives of the other characters forever. Then kill off a minor character. (Got Tofu?)
9. Fire Mack, the blind camera man.
8. Add scenes with cheese. Everyone loves cheese. (Jen)
7. Change networks from the WB to any other. (Warlok)
6. Purchase all commercial time during "Friends"; air your show in those spaces. (Po' Pimpin Bowman)
5. Special Guest-Appearance by ever-exciting Senator Stockdale (Tressea and Christina the Roomies)
4. Cut the hair of the lead actress. (Looks like Medusa's Snakes.)
3. Replace it with a gameshow consisting of unbelievably easy questions followed by obscure questions about culture, that attempts to reward large amounts of money to people that seem to, for some unknown reason, all be white. (Chimerasame)
2. Have the main character fall in love with a totally unobtainable Super Model who likes to walk around in a bikini. (Gator the t.v. guru!)
1. A heart-wrenching, controversial episode about interracial, intergenerational and gay marriage thrown into turmoil by a pregancy, an obscure form of cancer, and a stock market crash (Tressea)

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