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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Plausible Theories Explaining the Popularity of Toe Rings

(submitted by Poppa don' take no humor-enhancing performance supplements!)

10. You only have ten fingers, but twelve rings. (k.a)
9. "Hey, what the--I can't get this thing off!!!" (inthedark)
8. Their ability to accentuate the finer points of one's toenail. (Tressea )
7. Massive marketing push from the DeBeer's foot fetish sub-cartel. (Warlok)
6. From 5-6 feet away, the ring doesn't look like a cheap piece of crapola like it would on your hand. (Warlok)
5. It was the next logical step after the fingers, ears, eyebrows, lips, tongue, navel, nipple, and naughty bits. (theopholis)
4. A shipment of tiny rings intended for circus monkeys was accidentally sent to MTV's "house of style" crew...voila, a style is born! (inthedark)
3. An abundance of smart-alecks who like messing with the people who work the airport metal detectors. (TBeeber)
2. Uncomfortable and expensive yet trendy? I'll take four! (Uncle Yoohoo)
1. Goofy haircuts and rotten music completely fail to irritate the older generations anymore... (Poppa don' take no socio-econcomic, constructed, paradigmatic claptrap)

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