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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways Christian and Scott are Spending Their 20th Anniversary

10. Starting to train for the decathlon, how hard could it be?
9. Wondering why they didn't cut their work-load in half by running a top 5 list
8. Installing a bowling alley with all the money they made from CSITTL
7. Debating whether putting the accomplishment on a resume would increase or decrease their job chances
6. Counting their fingers again, to make sure none got overworked and fell off over the course of 1,936 lists
5. Waiting for a congratulatory call from the President, and waiting, and waiting...
4. Finally admitting they haven't conquered their dekaphobia
3. Contemplating how an "interactive" website meant something different in 1995
2. Realizing that it is hard to come up with ten good entries
1. Being thankful for readers who came up with the entries for them!

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