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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Subjects of Top Ten Lists

10. Top ten totally useless web pages (deb)

9. Top ten ways to annoy your roommate (David Brunner)

8. Top ten things even Oprah wouldn't eat (Chad Miller)

7. Top ten bad choices for baby names (Christian Shelton)

6. Top ten stupid army sayings (Armand Dao)

5. Top ten things not to say to someone who calls a suicide hotline (Erin Bunnell)

4. Top ten unlisted ingredients in dorm food (Bryan Johnson)

3. Top ten ways to tell if Al Gore is an alien (Nathan Southerland)

2. Top ten ways to tell if you're addicted to the O. J. Simpson trial (Pat Dukantas <>)

1. Top ten excuses to say Butros Butros Gali (Chris Keenan)

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