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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Easter Bunny Brings Eggs

10. Tax Write-off (Glen Overman)

9. Who wants Easter Bricks? (Real funny guy)

8. Consider all of the varieties: Scrambled, over easy, hard boiled (Chad Howat)

7. He gets a good deal from the local chickens (spiff)

6. Secret plan to eliminate human race by cholesterol overdose (the gimp)

5. Pressure from the Egg Marketing Board (winthepooh)

4. Because if it brought bottle rockets it would be the Independence Bunny (Jorge)

3. Would you want to hunt for waffles? (winthepooh)

2. He thinks guys should get chicks at least once a year (The Conclave)

1. Because the Energizer rabbit got the good job. (Rod)

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