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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're NOT Going to Get a Raise

submitted by Matt Houser

10. Boss begins every conversation with, "You're doing a great job but..." (Brian Cole)

9. When the boss asks, "What's your name again?" ($4.25 gal, JMW, sir oinksalot, Adrian, Rob Willmann)

8. Your new office is between the sink and the urinals. (spiff, Stephanie Larson, Uncle Crispy, Heidi Christensen)

7. You threw up on the boss's daughter at the awards banquet. (Charlie Johnson)

6. When it says "TBA" in the column marked pay rate on your check stub. (Rod)

5. Your name tag on your office door is replaced by "On extended leave." (The DAD)

4. You go to work one morning and all your office furniture is sitting at the curb. (Andy A.)

3. Your company moved and didn't leave you a forwarding address (Ramo)

2. You are "odd man out" in a game of Musical Cubicles (Les Whynen)

1. After 6 years you are still wearing the "trainee" nametag. (Rob Willmann)

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