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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Call Someone Collect

(submitted by Michael Wyatt)

10. You're in college (Biff Johnson, 777)

9. The phone won't take pennies (Stumpy and Skinny)

8. They stuck gum in your hair in 2nd grade (Justine Tudor)

7. You get to make those beeping noises like David Spade. (Steve Weiss)

6. The person you are calling has "caller ID" and you want to stump them (B Sharp 2)

5. Table dancer snatched your Calling Card (Ramo)

4. Long distance ransom demands expensive (Ramo)

3. Making a long distance call will endanger your credit rating (Ricardo)

2. The Sierra Club won't let you mint anymore wooden Quarters (bizplaner)

1. Because his/her name is Collect (Yonatan, Mona Lotte, Collect Gentzel, Martha Svenyird, Melanie R. Hopkins, Peter Dutton, Birdman, FoxFire, thrill)

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