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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Sand Castle

10. Cheap beach-front property (Luke Struve)

9. Need a quick change of address for tax reasons (FoxFire)

8. To collect the insurance money when the tide washes it away (Doreen)

7. Some place to put all of those damn sandknights you made (JEVA)

6. Long Term interest rates are down (Bizplaner)

5. Build and THEY will come. . . (Gerik 'Rock-Doc')

4. Fewer OHSA regulations than regular construction (Ivan Alibi)

3. To keep out the sand-peasants (Dan and Yonatan)

2. Qualifies for HUD grant to house the homeless (Ramo)

1. Because you are tired of your sand mobilehome (Airball)

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