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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Country Tunes That Were Almost a Hit

(submitted by Petey)

10. I'm drunk again, I shot my cat, again, and I lost my lover, again (Steve Weiss)

9. "I broke my toe when my heart fell for you". by Anita Crutches (BMW)

8. Achy Breaky Spine/Fart/Spleen/Liver/Brain (Je77, rntdshuz, BW, ts, MAD Pete, Robb in Vegas)

7. Stand By Your Ham/Fan/LAN (anonymous, Chuck Supernaw, Jeremy)

6. Roadkill Stomp (Holly6000)

5. My beer went flat when you broke my heart (*grin*)

4. It's been so lonely on my saddle since my horse died (Down to earth)

3. My Best Friend Ran Off with My Wife, and I Miss Him. (Geoz)

2. Line Dancing Queen (Crazy Baby)

1. I think I feel pretty good today (Paul Lafollette)

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