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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Boring

(submitted by Chris Rourke)

10. The Jehovah witnesses refuse to come to your home (The Spatzman, Barry, Deacon Blues, arlo)

9. Argue with yourself about who's funnier: McNeil or Leher (Dan Delisle)

8. You get excited to recieve a letter from Ed McMahon (Sparky)

7. The first thing you check every Monday Morning is Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List (Dan and Yonatan, E. Scrooge, ts, DBP, Dan Delisle)

6. Your Name & Phone Number appear under cure for Insomnia in a Major Medical Journal (James Miller, ROSA)

5. Your TV show is axed in favor of the "1994's test pattern highlights" (Jeremy)

4. Saturday Night Live bombards you with aggressive recruiting (Martha Svenyird, Lon Dreebaskit)

3. You can't talk to yourself without falling asleep (Justin Hammar, Down to earth, Ken Huffman, Jeremy)

2. Librarians have better work-related stories (BW)

1. Two words - Couch sores! (Alex Brown)

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